An exciting new website: LIFE, FORK & SPOON

LIFE, FORK & SPOON: James Martin Dishes Delivered Directly to Your Door

I am pleased to announce a new service which will bring specially created meals by me, directly to your door. Life, Fork & Spoon is my latest venture to ensure that once in a while you can treat yourself to top quality food without having to go out to a restaurant or spend hours preparing everything from scratch!

Over the last few months I have been busy in the kitchen developing this new range of products with my team of experienced chefs. You can click onto the Life, Fork & Spoon website and choose from a selection of starters, main courses and puddings and order for next day delivery. Some are fresh, others are snap frozen after cooking, to ensure maximum freshness, and can then be stored in your freezer for a special occasion or as a stand-by when you are too tired to lift a pan or for those impromptu meals. Some are ready to eat whenever you are ready. They are all prepared with the best ingredients and cooked with care and passion.

Simply click on the dish you want and add it to your shopping basket and it will arrive at your door the next day, with delivery time slots available for your maximum convenience.

We have something for every taste and for every occasion. For a snack or lunch choose from our range of hand crimped pies