United Cakes of America & Operation Hospital

United Cakes of America

Operation Hospital

I’m really excited about the next 24hrs as I’ve got two new programmes starting that are very different but that I’m equally proud of.

Tonight sees the start of United Cakes of America on the Good Food Channel. I had a challenging time driving a 1980’s Cadillac across the country stopping off along the way to meet some amazing people and to sample their best cake recipes and food. You can read more stuff about it on The Good Food blog.

Travelling a bit closer to home and revisiting a subject I’m really passionate about is Operation Hospital Food which starts at 9.15am on BBC One tomorrow. This time I’m in Birmingham tackling the issue of poor hospital food. I really believe good food can be like a medicine to patients which is why it’s so important for us to get it right. Scarborough and the team there have gone onto to do amazing things and all at no extra cost. Better still the restaurant is now a destination and Pat’s Place is on the culinary map. I recently did an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine which you can read here.

I hope you can tune in, if not set them to record, sky plus or I player stuff! J