The Leeds Kitchen

Following the shock closure of the Alea Casino and the Leeds Kitchen on Monday I have been
in talks with the owners(London Clubs International) to understand in full the circumstances and the decision making process
behind this action. As this process continues I will keep everyone up to date with any news, especially my loyal and dedicated team who have worked so hard to create such a wonderful, vibrant and successful restaurant, and of course to
all of you wonderful restaurant goers who have supported us and helped us achieve all that we have over
the last couple of years.

Thank you for your support and apologies to everyone affected by this !


As you maybe aware the Leeds Kitchen sadly closed due to circumstances out of my control. I was assured that everyone who had made reservations would be informed, which a large percentage of people were, but sadly some people were not. I do thank you for bringing this to my attention and I can only apologise on my behalf for any inconvenience and upset caused. Please contact who will respond to your enquiry and refund any vouchers that have been purchased for Leeds Kitchen. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your custom over the years, I was hugely passionate about Leeds Kitchen and its team and it is unfortunate that it has come to an end. J