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Hand Dived King Scallops, Apple Purée, Chicken and Leek fritters


1 chicken breast on the bone
4 shallots
1 leek zest of one lemon
50g wild mushrooms breadcrumbs
1 egg
50g plain flour
100g Butter

2 granny smith apples
200ml Cloudy Cider
80g castor sugar

8 hand dived scallops (ask your fishmonger to remove them from the shell)

Hand Dived King Scallops, Apple Purée, Chicken and Leek fritters
Cook time: 60min
Difficulty: easy
Serves: 4


Chicken and Leek Fritters

Heavily season the chicken, and sear in a hot pan, roast in the oven till cooked approximately 12-14 minutes.

Remove the cooked chicken from roasting tray, add the butter to the tray to mix with the cooking juices from the chicken and stir until combined. Slice the shallots, leek and wild mushrooms, take the chicken butter and sweat the shallots, leeks and wild mushrooms in the favoured butter.

Strip down the chicken breast, skin and wings.

Take half of the breast meat, all the wings meat and skin, and lightly pulse down in a blender to a rough mix, dice the rest of the breast meat and fold though, add lemon zest and season to taste.

Roll the mix into bite size balls and lightly roll in flour eggs and breadcrumbs.  Deep fry for three minutes before serving.

Apple Purée

Peel and dice the granny smith apples and put into a sauce pan. Cover the apples in the cider and sugar. Bring to the boil and simmer until the liquid is reduced and syrupy. blend until smooth a keep warm until needed.