10th September 2020

My new online marketplace!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my brand-new, online marketplace! I was going to call it food and drink but it is so much more!

Amazing food items

This is a hand-picked selection of some of the most amazing suppliers and producers I have come across. From meat at R&J Butchers, offering a fantastic selection of brilliant tasting meat boxes from a great family run butchers up in Yorkshire, to salt chambered duck from Udale to the best tasting pork using middle white pigs from Little Oak Farm.

If it’s fish you’re after then Jonny at Flying Fish is the best in the business, there aren’t many high-end restaurants he doesn’t supply and even more on a waiting list, ready to buy his stuff! This is the best of both worlds…the very best fish and shell fish, as fresh as you will get, delivered to your door at an amazing price.

Outside the home

It’s not just food here. As you probably know, I love my garden so I have put together, with the help of Robin from Hortus Loci, an amazing selection of items I use in my garden, from beautiful planters to the best garden tools in the business. Made in Japan they’re also great for preparing things like fish and shellfish too.

Flowers, bubbles and gin!

The curve ball is a selection of flowers delivered to you. These are the most scented flowers I have ever had delivered! To top it off you’ve got ‘Gin and Bubbles’ to choose from, the gin being an incredible new addition to the gin world from Otterbeck Distillery which I would whole heartedly recommend and the great Laverstoke Champagne, both a ‘must try’ while available!

Personally signed books

To top it all off, as it doesn’t look like we will be doing a book signing for the foreseeable future, this is the only place you are going to get personally signed copies of my books for yourself or anyone you need to!

Head on over to the James Martin Market, have a browse and…happy shopping, enjoy the produce like I am!

All the best,