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James Martin’s Sweet

James Martin’s Sweet will delight anyone with a passion for the sweet things in life. Martin’s hugely popular Desserts (2007) established this much-loved TV chef as the authority on puddings, patisserie and home-baking.

This latest collection delivers over 70 fabulous recipes, from simple classics such as French lemon cake, Chocolate tart and Baked apple charlotte to luscious, cream-filled desserts such as Walnut macaroon layer gateau with coffee cream, and sophisticated showstoppers like Raspberry and rose bavarois. Multi-layered recipes such as Mango mousse with coconut foam, Mango sponge, Toasted coconut and Sweet brioche croutons can be deconstructed so that the heart of the dish remains accessible to even the most cautious cook.

Whether you’re after a simple bake for teatime, or plotting a fabulous finale for a special meal, Sweet provides inspiration in ladlefuls.